Window Awnings for Your Home

Do you need some extra shading for your home? During the summer and some hours of the day, the sun is too hot or too bright for you to feel while at home. Some curtains might not be enough to filter the incoming light, and blinds might give you a dimmer room during the day than needed. And that is why you need window awnings for your home.


New Sleek and Elegant Designs

Awnings are commonly used in hotel entrances, store sidewalks, door entrances, and home windows. Before, using awnings is not very popular for regular houses due to its usual stripe design but new trends in home improvement designed elegant and classy awning that is perfect for any type of home.

Added Security

New designs of awnings have a built in lock function that lets you lock your awning on place. Moreover, the lock also serves an additional security for your windows. The lock is convenient to use because you simply have to slide it and lock, while other are automatically lock when you drop the awning.

Set Up Anytime of the Day

You may think that awnings are difficult to set up. It is actually a lot easier to put in place because of the added support unlike the old types of awnings. The design is coupled with folded arms, crank fix guide, motorised pivot arm, full automation, and many more. These additions made setting up of awning easier and faster for you. You can have your awning upgraded to the fully automated material, so all you need is to click some buttons or use a remote.

Perfect for Any House Opening

You can put awnings in any open area of your home. There are some fantastic designs that can make your canopy look beautiful. You can choose from slant, straight drop, or vertical awnings for your windows. You keep your house and the indoors of your house away from the hotness of the sun, but still manage to look fashionable. Fashion is also for houses too! And you need to carefully choose a design that will match the look of your home.

Where to Get Awnings?

Regency Knights Window Fashions have everything that you need in styling up your windows from the interior up to the exterior. They have curtains, blinds, shutters, and awnings that will match your preference for your home design. All these can improve your home with less hassle in your behalf. They offer installation services if needed. And prior to your purchase, they have a consultant that will visit your home for better coordination of the design that you want that will look perfect for your home, and also quoting of the price. They will perform exact measures so everything will look like it is made exactly for your home.