Buying Motorised Window Awnings in Canberra


There is no better investment for your home or business than motorised window awnings from Regency Knights in Canberra. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to your home or establishment, they also provide lasting benefits for you to completely enjoy. Installing a motorised window awning at your patio or window to provide shade and protection from rain and sun exposure is surely a wise investment option. Come to Regency Knights for unmatched motorised window awnings.

Types of Motorised Window Awnings

Folding Arm Awning – If you are looking for a window awning that has been uniquely crafted for the outdoors and artistically designed to move, you found it. Folding armwindowawningcan be extended to protect you from the sun – only when required. This makes it versatile, since it can turn an exposed area into a comfortable shady retreat. When it is not in use, you can close it up. These motorised window awnings are no permanent structures to block the winter sun.

Zip Screen Awning – This Regency Knights deluxe channel awning is basically crafted with an outstanding screen fabric that literally locks (or zips itself) into the side channels ensuring no gaps are exposed for rain or sun rays to pass through. It is best suited for business and home windows that are on high wind areas. Zip screen motorised window awningscan be powered or can manually be operated by an-easy-to-use crank. If you need one, visit

Pivot Arm Awning – Unlike the afore-mentioned awnings, pivot arm awning is the best alternative to other awnings that Regency Knights gladly retails, with less practical modes of operation. Pivot arm motorised window awnings can be crank operated and also motorised. But when being fitted to up to 4 meters high on a window, they are definitely operated by an easy-to-use crank. A motorised pivot arm awning has cable guides that provide an elegant look.

Other Types of Motorised Window Awnings

Straight Drop Awning – Looking for a motorised window awning best suited for your verandas and patios? The crank operated-cum-motorised straight drop awning is what you need. It simply does not have messy ropes and pulleys, making it highly convenient for your home windows. It has, instead, a simple straight up and down crank mode of operating it. These motorised window awnings are very easy to use and aesthetically appeal to your home much.

Fixed Guide Awning – There is no better window awning than this at Regency Knights. It is easy to use because it has guide rails down each side of the window, which sit strategically close to the window. Fixed guide motorised window awnings can be crank operated up to a height of 4 meters and are suitable for windy areas.

Buyer’s Guide to Window Awnings

Window awnings are an amazing option when it comes to window furnishings. While enhancing your home aesthetically, they are energy efficient. The shading and UV protection offered add the benefit to keep you cool in the summer. They can even help you to defy the rain and enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather. Making the choice to purchase these for your home is a smart move.


When it comes time to choosing the best window awnings for your home, there are many things to consider. In order to achieve your objectives, it is necessary to understand your priorities. Also, you need to take into consideration the environment that you reside in. Cost, maintenance, and ease of use are some things that you may want to contemplate, as well. With these in mind, you should be able to find a suitable option to meet your preferences.

Materials Used for Window Awnings

The fabric of your window awnings is very important in meeting your individual needs. As these materials offer different benefits, it is important to ensure that your choices fibres fit your décor, lifestyle, and the environment. For a translucent look, vinyl or fibreglass may be the choice for you. In environments that are humid, you may choose acrylic or vinyl.

When looking for lower-maintenance and costs, you may want to check into metal or natural materials. Metal is low-maintenance but does not offer the ability to be rolled up. Cost is less of an issue with wood or natural fibres, but you may end up replacing them more often.  Whatever material you use, these window awnings are available in many different colours and designs to fit your homes décor.

Types of Window Awnings

Another important aspect in choosing your window awnings is the type. As these awnings come in a variety of types that meet different styles, when a modern look is desired, the straight drop offers a sleek, neat twist, and the cable guide allows for a more industrial feel.  To eliminate light gaps, deep channel may be the best option, although a zip screen offers a deluxe channel that locks the fabric in place.

Purpose is another aspect of deciding on the type of window awnings. If you are looking for an option that can protect you from the weather on your deck or patio, a pivot arm or folding arm may be the way to go. However, a canopy offers a unique look for over your doorway.

Choosing the best window awnings to meet your priorities should be fairly simple when you know what those objectives are. With a variety of shapes and styles, it should be easy to find one to fit your preferences. 

Regency Knights Window Fashions in Canberra is a locally owned and operated family business. The business evolved into its current form as a result of a merging of two separate businesses, Knights Blinds and Regency Curtains, both of which had been operating for more than 30 years. Regency Knights Window Fashions began operating under its current name in 2007.Visit us today at

Window Awnings for Your Home

Do you need some extra shading for your home? During the summer and some hours of the day, the sun is too hot or too bright for you to feel while at home. Some curtains might not be enough to filter the incoming light, and blinds might give you a dimmer room during the day than needed. And that is why you need window awnings for your home.


New Sleek and Elegant Designs

Awnings are commonly used in hotel entrances, store sidewalks, door entrances, and home windows. Before, using awnings is not very popular for regular houses due to its usual stripe design but new trends in home improvement designed elegant and classy awning that is perfect for any type of home.

Added Security

New designs of awnings have a built in lock function that lets you lock your awning on place. Moreover, the lock also serves an additional security for your windows. The lock is convenient to use because you simply have to slide it and lock, while other are automatically lock when you drop the awning.

Set Up Anytime of the Day

You may think that awnings are difficult to set up. It is actually a lot easier to put in place because of the added support unlike the old types of awnings. The design is coupled with folded arms, crank fix guide, motorised pivot arm, full automation, and many more. These additions made setting up of awning easier and faster for you. You can have your awning upgraded to the fully automated material, so all you need is to click some buttons or use a remote.

Perfect for Any House Opening

You can put awnings in any open area of your home. There are some fantastic designs that can make your canopy look beautiful. You can choose from slant, straight drop, or vertical awnings for your windows. You keep your house and the indoors of your house away from the hotness of the sun, but still manage to look fashionable. Fashion is also for houses too! And you need to carefully choose a design that will match the look of your home.

Where to Get Awnings?

Regency Knights Window Fashions have everything that you need in styling up your windows from the interior up to the exterior. They have curtains, blinds, shutters, and awnings that will match your preference for your home design. All these can improve your home with less hassle in your behalf. They offer installation services if needed. And prior to your purchase, they have a consultant that will visit your home for better coordination of the design that you want that will look perfect for your home, and also quoting of the price. They will perform exact measures so everything will look like it is made exactly for your home.